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eCommerce Applications

Welcome to ONE eCommerce.

This page is designed to give you a brief overview and demonstration of ONE's e-Commerce applications. ONE's on-line logistics services are designed to give you a quick, simple and convenient way to help save you time and money. We currently offer up-to-the-minute Schedules, Shipment Information, and Bill of Lading issuance, to name a few. The information contained in our site is updated continuously throughout the day by our global internal operating systems. As a valued customer, we hope you will consider registering on-line with ONE and begin to take advantage of the many convenient functions available on our website. Please take a look at what we have to offer.

Please click on anything that is hyperlinked and you will be directed directly to the correct menu.

Any application that displays a Locked application requires a log in to access. Please log in from the main screen or use the "Sign up" function to request a user ID.


eCommerce Applications



Dynamic point-to-point schedules and routing's to choose from when scheduling a shipment. Confirm cargo cut-off date at origin and cargo availability date at destination for your guidance.

Point to Point Schedule 

Vessel Schedule

Port Schedule 

Long Range Schedule 

My Schedule Locked application


Track and trace

Track and Trace

Trace multiple shipments by B/L, Booking or Container number.
See current location as well as a history of past movements.
Visibility Summary to view event status of all your loaded shipments.
Save your shipments to My tracking for easy monitoring of these movements.

Cargo Tracking

Mail Tracking 

My Tracking Locked application

Visibility Summary Locked application

Event NotificationLocked application

Vessel Schedule Update Alert Locked application

Long Staying Notification (In Destination) Locked application

Rail Tracking Report (North America) Locked application




Create, submit and amend bookings online.
Track the status of submitted bookings for full visibility through the booking process.
Submit new and updated shipping instructions.
Request changes and / or approve draft B/Ls.
View, send or print your B/Ls (Originals, Waybills) online.
(A customer ID is necessary to use this option.)

Advanced Manifest Log Locked application

Special Cargo Status Search Locked application

DG Restriction Search Locked application

Booking Request Locked application

Booking Status Locked application

Booking Template Locked application

SI Submission and Amendment Locked application

SI Template Locked application

AES Number Input

CAED Number Input

Draft & N/N BL Locked application

Sea Waybill Print Locked application

Original BL Print Locked application

Original BL Print Report Locked application

Order Original BL Paper Locked application

House BL Check Locked application




Online VGM submission via Method 1 or Method 2.
Batch VGM submission via excel Template.
Online inquiry for container tare weight.

(A customer ID is necessary to use this option.)

VGM Number Input Locked application

VGM Info Search Locked application

Container Tare Weight Search 





Obtain arrival notices, shipment sailing, POD terminal details, and B/L surrender check.
German customers can obtain C/M and ATB numbers.
North America customers can create and inquire on delivery orders.

(A customer ID is necessary to use this option.)

Inbound Master Locked application

BL Surrender Check Locked application

Arrival Notice Locked application

Delivery Order Creation (For door deliveries to North America only) Locked application

Delivery Order Inquiry (For door deliveries to North America only) Locked application

C/M and ATB Check (For shipment to Germany only) Locked application




Create, save and send customized reports which cover multiple aspects of your business. Choose to run a report on all available reporting criteria or tailor your report to meet your needs. 

(A customer ID is necessary to use this option.)

Report Locked application

My Report Locked application


Rate and Tariff

Rate and Tariff

View ONE basic tariff for Demurrage and Detention based on origin, destination and container / cargo type.
Use search criteria to see incurred costs for Demurrage and Detention on your shipments.
Check any Detention status by Contract number or B/L number for a selected period.

Tariff Rule & S/C Access

Tariff Code Search

Tariff Rule Search

Essential Term Search

Tariff Rate Item Search

Inland Rate Search

Surcharge Search

Basic Tariff (Increased functionality when logged in Locked application)

Charge Inquiry (Increased functionality when logged in Locked application

Detention Status (Increased functionality when logged in Locked application)


my ONE

my ONE

Find it easier to get the information you want with a single-click of the mouse with "myONE", a panel that allows you to view the information that is important to you right away.

(A customer ID is necessary to use this option.)




Subscribe, view and unsubscribe from notifications that you are registered to receive such as, booking confirmations, B/L ready for proof reading and printing, event status update, vessel schedule update and reporting.

(A customer ID is necessary to use this option.)