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Processes & Regulations

Please be aware of the main processes and regulations related to your shipments.


New: Letter of Protest (Claim Notice) - Brazilian law 10.406  of Januray 10th, 2002 - Art. 754



Any correction in SISCOMEX-CARGA, will be made by electronic signature.
Please contact our local team to request the documentation and solve any doubts. 

E-MAIL: [email protected] 
Tel.: +55 (13) 3500 6330

E-MAIL: [email protected] 
Tel.: +55 (13) 3500 6331     


1. Shipment Instruction Submission

In order to submit the Shipping Instruction to us please proceed with your registration in our eCommerce.

Please download the User Guide on “How to submit the Shipping Instructions for Brazil”. Manual available only in portuguese.



If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Service.


2. LAR - Late Arrival Request

  • All brazilian ports (except Vila do Conde): The Late Arrival Request should be submitted to: [email protected], up to 3 hours before the cargo/documentation deadline.
  • Vila do Code port: The Late Arrival Request (LAR) should be submitted to: [email protected], attaching the file “Solicitação LAR SB – BRVLD

IMPORTANT: In additional to the request by e-mail, the physical Late Arrival Request (LAR) proper approved by Customs (RFB) must be delivered to the terminal within 2 hours before the cargo/documentation deadline.





3. Export Cargo Release



Customer is required to access our payment tool at:, menu “UPLOADS”, find the option “DOCUMENTAÇÃO – BL” e upload the following documents:

  • Export Declaration (DLE), in Portuguese, duly signed. Please download:
  • Company oficial document hard copy to assure the legal representant’ signature legitimacy.

The required documents will be checked and a PIN will be provided to allow customer to withdrawl the BLs at the Agency.


4. Export BL Corrections 

A BL Draft without ocean freight rate will be available for you in the link: for you to review. In case you do not review it, the system will confirm it is good to be printed.

Via site: Untill Vessel departure every correction request can be done via our eCommerce tool.

Free of Charge: After the 1st SI, only one request for BL Correction will be accepted without any costs, since it is requested within 24 hours (deadline de draft) published in our website. Exception: After SI draft deadline, if the route and destination of the shipment is some of them (USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, South Africa, China, Japan and any other country with advanced manifest submission), the resubmission manifest charge  - 50 USD - is subjected to destination/transhipment Customs country. As of the 2nd Correction Request, it will be subject to costs - even if it is  submitted within the maximum 24 hours of deadline. All corrections requested after 24 hours from the published deadline are subject to cost.

After Vessel Departure: BL Corrections can be requested directly to the Customer Service Department, e-mail: [email protected]

BRL 390 per correction: Applicable for BL Corrections requested after above mentioned period up to the fifth day after vessel departure. Exceptions BsL already validated by Customs within this period.

BRL 1000,00 per correction: Applicable for BL Correction requested after the fifth day after vessel departure or export documentation already validated by Customs. In this case, it is also necessary the presentation of the Letter of Indemnity and related documents which are necessary to perform the correction.

Remarks: There will be an incidence of the XTX - late penalty fee in the amount of USD 50.00 on the correction costs, if it remains unpaid for a period of more than 24 hours on shipments made for more than 14 days. We indicate the immediate settlement of correction payments so that there is no incidence of this rate on the value of the correction.

More information about XTX, please check at Rates and Surcharges

5. Special Cargoes 



1. Booking Request and mandatory documents for approval of Dangerous Goods:

After booking request via system, you are required to send all below listed documents via e-mail to [email protected] mentioning the booking number to start the Dangerous Goods approval process:

  • Dangerous Cargo Application Form

DCA Form - ONE_0.xlsx

  • MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet** Form
  • Type-Approval Certificate for Packing (when required)


2. Mandatory Documents for Dangerous Cargo 

Besides above listed documents, we also reinforce the need of sending below documentation related to the  Dangerous Cargo Exports from Brazil or in transit by Brazilian Ports:

Deadline for submission is: Deadline of IMO B/L Draft published in our website.


1. *MGDF (Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form)

Declaração de Mercadorias Perigosas_AnexoVII.xlsx


2. Dangerous Goods Emergency Form (ANEXO VIII da NR 29)

Ficha de Emergência_AnexoVIII.docx


3.Tank Certificate (for tank container loading)


4. **Weathering Certificate (in case is required for that specific cargo)



*For these documents, is also required to deliver soft copies to the local offices/agents which please consult with Customer Service for additional information.

**This document is mandatory for Manaus loadings. You are required to send it via e-mail and also to deliver 1 soft copy to local office in Manaus.

The team in charge of Dangerous Goods approval could require further information or additional documents before final approval. 



Please find below the mandatory documents, related deadlines and documents submission policy for Scrap shipment: 

  • LOI (Letter of indemnity) for SCRAP shipment (Portuguese only):
  •  Letter of Indemnity - Scrap (Portuguese only):

P.S.: Both documents duly filled and signed by exporter or the attorney-in-fact.

  • Copy of Articles of Association and Power of Attorney, to assure the legal representant signature legitimacy
  • PSIC (Pre Shipment Inspection Certificate) for cargoes which destination is India or any countries within African continent.



  1. Deadline for documentation submission has changed. 
  2. LOI must be submitted within the Draft Deadline published on our local website.
  3. LOI will now be submitted by electronic signature via Docusign tool. 

If any questions or further assistance required, kindly find contatct information below: 

E-MAIL: [email protected] 
Tel.: +55 (13) 3500 6330


- Any problems or costs incurred by the non-submission of the documents within the indicated deadline and formats will be under customers' responsibility.



1. Cargo Release 

For Cargo Release you need to submit the documents as indicated below:


PERSONAL EFFECTS (House Hold Goods, Personal Belongs, Liftvan)

Please contact Finance Department, phone: 55 (11) 4860-6665.




Customer is required to access our payment tool at:, menu “UPLOADS”, find the option “DOCUMENTAÇÃO – BL” and upload the following documents:

  • BL original color copy, both sides;
  • Import Declaration (DLI), in portuguese, duly signed. Please download:
  • Company oficial document hard copy to assure the legal representant’ signature legitimacy.

While ONE check the uploaded documets, the customer is required to go to the Agency to deliver:

  • 1 (one) BL Original;
  • 2 (two) Import Memorandum (in portuguese). Please download:


2. Import BL Corrections 

BL Corrections for import shipments must follow the deadlines as per below informed:

BRL 390,00 per correction: Applicable for BL Correction requested up to 96 hours of the vessel arrival at the first brazilian port upon Port of Loading approval for correction.

BRL 1000,00 per correction: Applicable for BL Correction requested after 96 hours of the vessel arrival at the first brazilian port. It is also necessary the presentation of the Letter of Indemnity and other documents related to perform the correction. Port of Loading is also required to approve the correction.


Any request for correction must be submitted to Port of Loading or Port of destination Documentation Department, e-mail [email protected].


3. Special Cargoes Discharge 


Please find below the mandatory documents and deadlines for Dangerous Goods discharge:


All documents must be send to e-mail [email protected] up to 5 (five) days prior the vessel berth at the first brazilian port.



  • Any problems or costs related to the non-presentation of the mandatory documents by the required deadlines will be under client responsibility.



Cargo Restrictions

For general information of routes guidelines or weight and measurement restrictions please contact our Customer Service Department.

User Guides (In Portuguese)

To check User Guides in English, please go to our eCommerce Applications' related subject.


And to download our User Guide specific for Brazil usage, please download from below. User guides available in Portuguese only.

<How to request a booking>

<How to check Booking Status>

<How to submit the Shipping Instruction>

<How to input VGM number in our eCommerce>

<Location change for export originals issue>

<Registration for receipt of PIN>

<ONE Customer Forms.2020>

<Export Release>

<Import Release>

<Protest letter procedure>

<Withdrawal request>

<Uploads of documentation>

<Annual term uploads>


Any questions, please contact our Customer Service.




Find all Forms related to Export & Import processes in Brazil in alphabetical order:


Container Round Use Agreement - DRY (English only)


Container Round Use Agreement - REEFER (English only)


Dangerous Cargo Application (English only)


Dangerous Goods 


Dangerous Goods Emergency Form


Declaration - Export


Declaration - Import


Extra Container Seal  (English only)


Memorandum (Portuguese only):


Letter of Indemnity - Equipment Damage (Portuguese only):


Letter of Indemnity - Total Loss of the Container (Portuguese only):


Letter of Indemnity - Scrap (Portuguese only):


Letter of Indemnity - Annual Export (TLA Export)


Letter of Indemnity - Annual Import - (TLA Import)


Container Service Charge (CVC Encarte)


TRA (Termo de responsabilidade de avarias)


Table of Compensations for the Total Loss of Containers


Per Type/Size

Total Value to

be received

20DRY - D2

USD   6,228.59

40DRY - D4

USD   8,997.94

40HCD - D5

USD   9,459.27

40HCD - D7

USD 11,995.94

   20RF -  R2

USD 24,565.92

40HRC - CA

USD 43,068.45

    20FL - F2

USD   8,301.25

    40FL - F4

USD 12,312.85

   20OT - O2

USD   6,964.05

   40OT - O4

USD  10,173.33


Effective as of Jan 1, 2019 - Values are subject to change without previous notice.




This document governs OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS's business practices in Brazil with its business partners.